Saturday, September 09, 2006

Introductory Remarks

This blog is meant for giving useful ideas to you . You may be a scientist, a teacher, a student, an administrator, a politician, an industrialist or an ordinary citizen. But all of you will definitely like to have useful ideas. As far as possible, new ideas will be posted here. Let me have your comments on them. And don’t hesitate to make critical comments.
Attention Toilet Soap Manufacturers!
The following idea has been in my mind for quite a long time. Manufacturers of toilet soaps may see whether this idea is of use to them.
One problem with the current method of packing toilet soaps is that by the time you use half of the soap, it loses a good share of its perfume and sometimes even its shape. Why not pack it as a two-in one soap? What I mean is this:
Instead of packing the soap as a single continuous homogeneous block, you make an inner block, cover it with thin polythene and then make an outer block, covering the inner one with the outer block. Finally the outer block carrying the polythene covered block of soap inside it, is to be packed as usual. This two-in-one soap can be made with the same perfume or, you may use two different perfumes for the inner and outer blocks.
The benefit of this type of packing is that once you finish off the outer soap block within a few days, you arrive at the inner block (inside polythene cover). On tearing off the polythene cover, you have a fresh piece at your disposal (with the same perfume or a different perfume if you want).
The soap will last longer, since the waste may be reduced. I don’t know whether this last point is agreeable from a business point of view!


  1. This is an interesting idea. By toilet soaps, I am assuming that you are referring to the bar soap that one uses to bathe or shower.

    I am not familiar with this particular problem since shower gels are really big here and have made bar soap almost obsolete.

  2. In India over 95 percent of the population use bar soap to bathe. Shower gels are not yet popular here. I think the majority of the world population still use bar soap in toilets.

  3. This could be true...

    Actually, I have never considered this fact.

    I suspect that shower gels are less economical, since it takes very little soap to get a good lather, but most people use a handful or more.

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