Monday, October 20, 2008

Garlic- The Invaluable Pearl

My mother who left this world at the age of 88 about 5 years back was a very good cook. She had a special talent in preparing delicious dishes using the minimum possible ingredients in surprisingly limited time. In his famous book ‘Seven Summers’, the well known Indian writer, Mulk Raj Anand often makes references to the wonderful curries his mother used to prepare. Perhaps the dishes prepared by mothers might be the tastiest for their children! In the post world war scenario resources were very limited; but my mother used garlic in many of her ‘wonderful curries’. I believe that this single thing has contributed very much in boosting the health of the members of our ancestral family.
In ashtangahrudaya, the well known treatise on Ayurveda, garlic is described as amruth (elixir of life) on the earth. The health benefits and medicinal properties of garlic were known to the ancient Indian philosophers. Therefore it is an important ingredient in many ayurvedic preparations. Modern research has revealed that garlic has antibacterial, anti-fungal and antioxidant properties. It is found to be a natural blood thinner and has the ability to reduce blood pressure. It renders protection against cancer.
Make a google search on ‘garlic benefits’ and you will be surprised to find the volume of results you obtain.
Some of you may not like the smell of garlic. But once you realise its medicinal value you will love it. I have made it a habit to take two or three raw garlic flakes every day to get the beneficial effects of this wonder food stuff. It will be convenient to take it with your supper.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Voice Changer Software

An idea which was in my mind from the time of development of modern signal processing methods was their use in voice changing. I thought of it not for the possibilities of its misuses, but for recreating the voice of favourite singers like Muhammed Rafi and Mukesh who are no more. There are good singers who are not blessed with good voice. For them good voice changing software will be of great benefit.

If a good singer with an unpleasant voice can sing in front of a microphone and the audience can hear the song reproduced by loud speakers to be in the voice of their favourite singer such as Muhammed Rafi or Mukesh, the system will be very useful.

If you search the web for voice changing software you will find many products. I don’t know whether there are products which will be suitable for the purpose I mentioned above.

What differentiates your voice from mine? Pitch (frequency) and loudness are two important characteristics of any sound, but the quality (timbre) which indicates the overtone content in the sound is much more important in making ones voice unique. If you have a voice changer software specifically developed to create your favourite singer’s voice, how nice it would be!