Saturday, July 26, 2008

Voice Changer Software

An idea which was in my mind from the time of development of modern signal processing methods was their use in voice changing. I thought of it not for the possibilities of its misuses, but for recreating the voice of favourite singers like Muhammed Rafi and Mukesh who are no more. There are good singers who are not blessed with good voice. For them good voice changing software will be of great benefit.

If a good singer with an unpleasant voice can sing in front of a microphone and the audience can hear the song reproduced by loud speakers to be in the voice of their favourite singer such as Muhammed Rafi or Mukesh, the system will be very useful.

If you search the web for voice changing software you will find many products. I don’t know whether there are products which will be suitable for the purpose I mentioned above.

What differentiates your voice from mine? Pitch (frequency) and loudness are two important characteristics of any sound, but the quality (timbre) which indicates the overtone content in the sound is much more important in making ones voice unique. If you have a voice changer software specifically developed to create your favourite singer’s voice, how nice it would be!

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