It will be a good practice for anybody to note down ideas as they come to one’s attention. The idea you note down may be a brand new one which may be born in your own mind. Or it may be one contributed by somebody else, but of use to others. I believe that a good idea must be beneficial to all, and not restricted to the benefit of a few. Often we find ideas that are beneficial to a few and harmful to the majority. I won’t even call them ‘ideas’.

Many ideas have attracted my attention at various points of time. But I have not paid any serious attention to them. The Blogger platform provided by Google has in a way changed my attitude and I have started to note down the ideas for sharing with you. You will find different types of ideas here. Some of them may appear quite trivial or funny. Some others may appear to have come your way already. But I am sure there may be a few ideas which may appear to be beneficial to you on second thought, if not at the first glance.

This blog author is a physics teacher. Physics is a subject where honesty probably plays the most important developmental role. I know that my subject has definitely influenced the ideas presented here, even though these ideas are from different fields including “sciences” and “humanities”.