Friday, February 23, 2024

To Stop Unwanted Popup of “How to get help in Windows 11”

“All our discontents spring from the want of thankfulness for what we have”

                                                                                              - Daniel Defoe

If somebody repeatedly offers you help in situations where you really don’t need any help, what will you do? Of course you will do something to stop the nuisance. Well, here is a similar situation you may encounter with your computer running windows 11 as its operating system: When you are working with your system the edge browser unexpectedly opens up a window or multiple windows, offering “How to get help in windows 11”.  Reportedly windows 7 and windows 10 also sometimes exhibit this problem. But I am experiencing this nuisance for the first time with my new laptop running on windows 11.

The first thing you will suspect in this situation is a sticky F1 key. But in my case the F1 key had no problem. You may suspect whether the mischief is caused by a malware. To rule out this possibility you may scan your system with a reliable antimalware. In my case there was no malware attack.

If you try a google search to rectify the unwanted windows help popup you will find many solutions from simple to complicated, One of them is the disabling of all notifications. But if you turn off notifications completely, you will be it a disadvantage. So I did not disable all notifications. What worked for me is here:

Click on settings. You will get a window as shown below (I have shown the required part of the window only):


Under Recommended settings you will find Notifications. Click on Notifications. The window you would find is shown below:


Now go to the bottom where you will find Additional settings. Click on Additional settings. You will find three checked boxes. Uncheck the third box showing “Get tips and suggestions when using windows”. This is shown below:

 Most probably you will find that your problem of unwanted popup is solved. If the problem persists you would have to resort to more drastic steps.


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