Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Mashing Attachment to Mixer Grinder

In cooking one often finds the need for garlic-ginger paste. Garlic and ginger have high medicinal value and the importance of garlic-ginger paste in cooking cannot be over emphasized. How do you prepare garlic-ginger paste? You cannot use a table top wet grinder since the quantity of the garlic-ginger paste required is usually small, except when you require it for a big feast for hundreds of guests. Usually the paste is prepared using a small ‘chutney’ attachment available with the mixer grinder. But you cannot get the thing mashed to the consistency you would like it to have. The good old grinding stone might have been in use right from the stone age, but it is used even today in many Kerala homes to prepare garlic-ginger paste and the like. Modern house wives will not touch the hand operated grinding stone and will prefer the chutney attachment with the mixer grinder, sacrificing the consistency of the paste to some extent.
An idea that came to my mind some time back on improving the mashing capability of the chutney attachment is here: Instead of using the stainless steel blade, why not use an eccentrically rotating sphere as the rotor? The stainless steel jar inside which the rotor rotates (and which holds the things to be mashed) should be corrugated inside (or made rough) so that when the sphere rotates eccentrically within the jar, the contents get mashed to your heart’s contentment! (The rotor also can be made with a rough surface if you want). Certain high vacuum pumps have eccentrically rotating rotors. Mixer grinder manufacturers may think of cheaper alternatives to be used in their new chutney attachment. So,
Attention Mixer Grinder Manufacturers!

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